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At Plus Finance, we do things for people. Our financing gives people the opportunity to achieve their goals and because we’re privately-owned, we have the flexibility to tailor your loan to your unique situation.

We get a buzz from seeing people reach their goals because of a lending solution we provided – especially when others may have said it’s not possible. There are many reasons why you may not fit the standard bank model. By sharing our expert finance knowledge, we’ll uncover opportunities to help you, and find a solution to exceed your expectations.

Flexible Funding Facility

Here at Plus Finance, we’re all about people. That’s why we offer funding that suits your client’s terms.

We have the tools and experience to help your client borrow without having to pay interest on all funds needed over the term of a project. With Plus Finance Flexible Funding, borrowers have access to funds on-call.

For business owners, property developers and entrepreneurs, this means that whatever project your client is working on – whether this be home renovations, property development, or something else – they have the space to make quick decisions, with access to funds when and as required.

At Plus Finance, we foster financial security and development – our Flexible Funding Facility is the solution your client needs to provide confidence and security to progress their projects and achieve their financial goals.

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Business Finance

We are specialists in finance for business, directors and shareholders. Being business owners too, we understand the importance of a proactive, adaptable and efficient finance partner to assist with easily-accessible funds when you need them.

The Plus Finance team removes the complexities around borrowing funds and works to keep you informed every step of the way.

Whether you’re after a small business loan to get you up and running or commercial finance to take your operation to the next level, we’re here to ensure you can grow your business with flexible financing, quickly.

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Property Finance

The property market is fast moving and often you need a quick finance solution to achieve your property goals.

There are many reasons people seek property funding – perhaps you’re renovating your house or your rental property to increase rental return or sale value. Maybe you have your eye on a residential or commercial property or need help with your subdivision or property development. Whatever your reason for extra property funding, the team at Plus Finance can adapt a finance package to suit you.

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Second Mortgage

The team at Plus Finance are experts in second mortgage lending. We are solution-focused, meaning we’ll help you to meet your individual goals.

We’re able to step in and help if you can’t meet the bank’s requirements for additional finance, are self-employed without adequate financial history, have mortgage arrears or need a financing solution for home improvements.

There are many reasons people might not meet the standard bank model. We get a buzz seeing people achieve their goals because of our second mortgage financing, when others have said it’s not possible.

With fast and flexible finance solutions, we tailor the size of the loan and structure the terms to suit your pocket.

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Debt Consolidation

At Plus Finance, we are debt consolidation specialists for business and personal debts. We believe life is about people, and we’re motivated to help people simplify their lives.

By combining your credit cards, hire purchases, store cards and other loans via debt consolidation, you take the hassle out of multiple loan payments with varying levels of interest and differing terms.

Our speed and size of loans are unique in the finance industry. We’ll keep things moving and turn loans around quickly and efficiently. We believe in transparency and operate with inherent business good.

Let us help you streamline your life with our flexible debt consolidation solutions.

Simplify my life

Personal Loans

Plus Finance’s wide range of person loans are flexible to allow you to get where you want to be. We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach and as such, we adapt our offerings to suit your individual needs.

Perhaps you want to renovate your home, or you have a wedding to pay for? Maybe it’s overdue bills or you simply need a holiday! We are people-focused – we listen to you, take the time to understand and then get the job done.

By tailoring loan terms and repayments to suit you, our personal loans are fast, flexible and easy to understand.

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Why work with us

We have been dealing with Simeon and Plus Finance for years. When a client's situation is tough, it is readily solved, with a smart solution and fast response. I highly recommend Plus Finance. They’re easy to deal with and provide a five-star lending experience!

Ivan Zhang – Finance Funding

Simeon is fantastic to work with on deals. His ability to quickly grasp the situation and provide solutions is very impressive. His assessment and judgement of the deal is always ethical, which exceeds the clients’ expectations and makes my job as an advisor so much easier.

Building long term relationships is very important to Simeon which makes working with him a pleasure. He has even been known to buy the odd beer, which is the icing on the cake!

Mike Simpson – Mortgage Supply

As a mortgage broker I will at times recommend a second mortgage to my clients. I find that working with Plus Finance is easy, as they will work with me to create loans that suit my clients requirements. They are very clear about what they can and can’t offer, they provide quick responses to questions, simple loan approvals with minimal conditions and the loan settlement process always runs smoothly.

I have no hesitation recommending Plus Finance to my clients and to other mortgage and finance brokers, and do regularly.

Stuart Wills — Mortgage Supply

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